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SGA Election Results

The SGA election results were announced on April 21. Here are your new officers!

SGA Executive:

President: Amaris Sawyer

Vice President: Rosa Parks

Secretary: OPEN

Treasurer: Asha Dowell

Parliamentarian: Amil Greene

Public Relations Coordinator: Tsering Shola

SGA General Body:

Student Athlete Senator: Ashley Kopczyk

Inter Organization Council Senator: OPEN

Transfer Student Senator: OPEN

Graduate Student Senator: OPEN

COSMO Chair Senator: Chan Spaulding

Interfaith Senator: Molly Edlein

International Student Senator: OPEN

Sustainability Senator: Katherine Blank

Woodruff College/Return to College Senator: OPEN 

Commuter Student Senator: OPEN

Class of 2022 Officers and At-Large Senators

President: Mia Iverson

Vice President: Leah Spearman

Secretary: OPEN

Treasurer: Alisha Vegdani

At Large Senators:  Taylor Yates and one OPEN

Honor Court Reps:  Isabella Valadez and Gabby Wilson

Judicial Board Reps: OPEN  

Class of 2023 Officers and At-Large Senators

President: Hannah Wetmore

Vice President: Becca Sperry

Secretary: Dash Acker

Treasurer: Tai Min Tegeder

At Large Senators: Sukainah Abid-Kons and Kya Franks

Honor Court Reps:  Aminah Badmus and Ashley Kopczyk

Judicial Board Reps: OPEN

Class of 2024 Officers and At-Large Senators

President:  EV McGovern

Vice President: Victoria Colon Lopez

Secretary: Rebecca Robinson

Treasurer: Payton West

At Large Senators: Destiny Tisdale and Ayanna Raulston

Honor Court Reps: OPEN

Judicial Board Reps: OPEN

Class of 2021 Alumnae Officers  (5 year term)

President: Jasmine Paul

Vice President: Zion Martin

Secretary: Teresa Enriquez Texis

Fund Chair: OPEN

Reunion Chair:  Caitlin Weaver

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