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Santorum wins Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri Republican Caucuses

by Christen Thompson Managing Editor, Online Rick Santorum won the majority in Minnesota’s and Colorado’s Republican Caucus for the 2012 presidential race on Tuesday, February 8. The win comes as a second for Mr. Santorum, and one that may upset frontrunner Mitt Romney for the ultimate nomination. All in all, Mr. Santorum came in with […]

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Liveblog: The Florida Republican Presidential Debate

Hey, cats and kittens, the Literary Omnivore subbing in for your usually much more informed coverage. Keep refreshing for updates until… oh… about ten? About ten.

8:18 PM: I do love candidates complaining about vicious media while perpetuating it.

8:19 PM: …someone’s threatening to deport grandmothers? I came in late, I apologize.

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A dark horse from the West: Gary Johnson and the presidency

  by Sydney Tonsfeldt Content Editor Our next commander-in-chief might just be someone you’ve never heard of.  Uninvited to party debates, left off of candidate lists, and otherwise blatantly ignored by the media, Republican and former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson is a classic underdog in the race for President.  Rolling Stone even called […]

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