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ASC: Street Style, Jenee Hardy ’15

How would you sum up your style?
I would say my style is a mixture of several things: Bohemian, comfort, masculinity, effeminacy. I associate with the term Bohemian because it implies something unconventional. Comfort is of great importance to me and, while most will never see me out in sweats, I do feel it is important to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable. I say both masculine and effeminate because I tend to mix the two- crossing the styles and making it into something my own.

Who or what would you consider your strongest style influence?
I would say my feelings are my strongest influence for my style, because how I feel is how I dress. When I was younger, my mom used to complain that I took too long to get dressed in the mornings trying to figure out what I was going to wear… Not much has changed. I still take too long to get dressed some mornings and never pick out my outfits ahead of time, because it’s all based on my emotions for the day.

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Maija Hatton ‘14

ASC Street Style: Maija Hatton ’14

Who or what would you consider your prime fashion influences?

I don’t really have a fashion influence I really go out of my way to emulate. I like the look of the riot grrl movement from the early ’90s, and I’m convinced that combat boots are the perfect shoe. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I like the form-fitting dresses and neat lines of the mid-’60s. I have a nice collection of silk scarves I don’t wear enough.

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Look: ASC Street Style Hannon Falls ’12

by Gala Cude
The Style Rundown on Hannon Falls
Where do you shop locally?

Forever 21 is great for inexpensive, trendy pieces. I know that’s not a local place, but it’s still great. Rag-O-Rama in Little Five Points also has some good finds. Honestly, I shop a lot online. That’s where I find the best deals. Urban Outfitters has killer sale items and they frequently do free shipping.

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Look: ASC Street Style Elizabeth Arriaga ’15

The Style Rundown on Elizabeth Arriaga.

Who is your style icon?
Definitely my mother. Taking a creative twist on everything from staple pieces to eccentric bold pieces, she always has a balanced but magical outfit. Her age has especially given her fashion wisdom on how to balance pieces, what trend to follow, how to fit your evolving body and how to bounce confidently in everything.

What is your favorite place to shop locally?
Locally, Forever 21 or Target. They have the sweetest sundresses at college student prices, which makes the outfits even cuter.

Which color do you wear the most of?
I have a passion for hues of pink but am conscious of the vibes my outfit can portray.

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Look: ASC Street Style, Phoebe Perry ’13

Photographer Gala Cude snags some shots of Phoebe Perry ’13 and gets the skinny on everything from Perry’s inspiration to opinions on ahistorical hair.

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