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Foxcon iPhone workers line up. Photo by  Flickr user Photo Giddy

Customers petition Apple to demand better working conditions abroad

You may have head reports a couple weeks ago about Foxcon, a major Apple supplier, and their reputation for horrible working conditions ($1/hr pay, explosions that have injured dozens of people, and even installing suicide nets last year). Since this [...]

February 13, 2012 World
iGenius: Exploitation or Exaltation?

iGenius: Exploitation or Exaltation?

by Christen Thompson Online Editor On Sunday, Oct. 16 the Discovery Channel, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters will show a special on Steve Jobs life. It will feature celebrities and journalists talking about the innovations that Jobs brought [...]

October 15, 2011 entertainment
Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO dies

Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO dies

by Christen Thompson Managing Editor, Online Just 11 days after resigning as chairman of Apple, co-founder Steve P. Jobs died on Wednesday, Oct. 5. He was 56. Check out the video below, in which Jobs delivers the 2005 commencement speech [...]

October 5, 2011 entertainment
Top ten global news stories

Top ten global news stories

by Anna Cabe Online Content Editor 1. On Aug. 21, rebels took the Libyan capital of Tripoli after six months of fighting with leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s forces. Qaddafi could not be found. This is the third successful coup since [...]

September 6, 2011 World