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Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners"

Prisoners of circumstance: a review of the film “Prisoners”

by: Precious Sidwell ’14 Staff-Writer   The film Prisoners took the number one spot at the box office its opening weekend, raking in $21.4 million dollars. Considering the amazing cast, it’s no surprise that this thriller was a box office hit in many theaters across the country. Hugh Jackman portrays Keller Dover, a contractor from […]

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Argo, Life of Pi, win big at the 85th Academy Awards

by Anna Cabe Managing Editor, Online  On Sunday, the 85th Academy Awards, hosted by Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame, was filled with surprising and not-so surprising wins. Among the winners were: BEST PICTURE “Argo” BEST ACTOR Daniel Day-Lewis for “Lincoln” BEST ACTRESS Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook” BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Anne Hathaway for […]

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Good Old War-1

Good Old War Puts Entire Crowd Up In Arms—Literally

“You always want more and then they cut you off. It’s great.” quipped drummer Tim Arnold’s blood uncle. Upon arriving at the Vinyl I found myself standing next to Tim’s parents, John and Betty, and a jolly green giant who happened to be best man at their wedding thirty some odd years ago, also a “John”. Unfortunately, it’s not so great.

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Listen: Review of Graveyard, Stone Rider and Radio Moscow at the Masquerade

The stages’ backdrop looked like an oiled rainbow, the kind you see on sidewalks and
skimming the edges of sewers. Throughout the night the oil moved to the rhythm of the music in
faded jewel tones. Atlanta rock group, Stone Rider, started us off. What I loved about Stone
Rider is that all three members individually did his own thing, while all still remaining team
players. Not only were they cohesive, but they had natural chemistry, and they made it look easy.
At times I couldn’t view drummer Jason Krutzky’ arms—and this was from the stairs.
Throughout much of the set his hair covered his entire face and neck, making him look like a

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Lana Del Rey Enchants Audiences With Haunting Melodies

With defiant and youthful hubris Lana Del Rey released her first full length major label album in January of this year. And the album shines through the melancholy with alternative indie pop charm. Its rough edges and trance ballads, a bold middle finger to those that wrote off the artist (formerly known as) Lizzie Grant as another shallow one hit wonder.

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Top Five Songs for Breaking Up…er something like that

Regardless of whether you’re the breaker or the breakee, it’s not always a fun transition from “we” to “I” (read: it’s never a fun transition). It is from this that I have spent years perfecting the “Break-Up” playlist on my computer. Not just for me, it’s for anytime anyone I know dumps someone or is dumped, and needs some cheering up. I don’t find myself inclined to listen to sappy, sad “Big Girls Don’t Cry” break up music because that’s just wallowing. I hope you can find some solace (or humor) in a few of my selections.

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