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Editorial: So long, Agnes. Love, Christen

A little over a year ago Becky Rowe ’11 and I were making plans for the upcoming year. I was making my case to remain a managing editor (a tough one at that; Becky put up with a lot of goofs on my part), and I told her I wanted to create a website for The Profile. It was really my schtick, and I felt the spirit of naive convictions to convince her I should. Whether this was a method of self preservation or true trail blazing I am not sure. Probably equal parts. It is really strange that what started off as a proposal in our budget for the upcoming year turned into the website you are reading this.

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SpARC Extended

Dr. Gundolf Grommel sent around an email last week with a link to Wordpress blog Agnes Scott SpARC with entries about individual SpARC presentations. If you missed any presentations that you’re just dying to hear about, or if you just want to procrastinate and feel like you’re learning something, check it out! They have it very conveniently categorized by subject, with posts ranging from things as general as the oral presentations and poster sessions to specific topics like Creative Writing and anthropology.

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Dekalb county has school, hunger issues

In a two day span from April 27 to April 28, 11Alive featured two stories centering on Dekalb County, and the news wasn’t good. According to the one of the two articles, Dekalb County is among the hungriest in Atlanta. This news comes the day after Dekalb county announced that it would cut 130 education jobs.

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