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In Memorium: Titanic on the Internet

In celebration, ok maybe not celebration. In commemoration of the sinking of the RMS Titanic we are sending a special reporter to duplicate the journey and see if they can avoid the monstrous iceberg. Ha, that’s funny. We don’t have that kind of money. Actually, we don’t have any money, not unlike a lot of the rest of you college students. So, if you can’t make it Belfast or London to celebrate the fall of the unsinkable ship, or the 3D ticket for the re-release of the synonymous 1997 flick, check out these links fo’ free, or with your roomate’s Netflix or Hulu Plus Account.

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Sweden’s new gender neutral term and Agnes Scott

This morning as I was glancing over my Facebook newsfeed, I saw an interesting article link about a new gender-neutral pronoun introduced in Sweden earlier this month. Sweden is often touted as the country with the world’s greatest gender-equality, and have now added the term “hen” to their National Encylopedia, published a Swedish first-ever gender-neutral book Kivi och Monsterhund  and Swedish alt-mag Nöjesguiden  published an article using gender-neutral pronouns.

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