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March Crossword!

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Do you have March madness? Ready to march forward into spring? Alright, enough with the bad puns. Enjoy our March-themed crossword!



3. Writers’ Festival author who writes stuff for people to act out
5. Original number of candidates seeking 2012 Republican Presidential nomination
10. Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, Colorado Eastern Plains, Ohio Valley, the southern Great Lakes, the Tennessee Valley, lower Mississippi Valley.
12. March was not always the third month of the year, but instead the ______
13. Along with being national umbrella month, March celebrates this dangerous legume
15. Radio host vilified for his misogynist on-air remarks this month
17. 3.1415926535
18. Nick Lachey got this lady pregnant this month
19. spring has sprung!
20. number of years the writers’ festival has existed
22. This movie announced this month that it would postpone release until 2013 — probably because their psycic content is chancing the fates too much for a 2012 release.
23. Original color that St. Patrick rocked
25. Fill in the blank: This month, the world found out that ________________ has procreated. The baby will fist pump from the womb, not kick.

27. Weepy winner of Russian election
28. Mega-day in the Republican race to the White House for 2012


1. NCAA March Madness selection day (hint: no numerals)
2. Liminal space Kim Jong Un visited in early March
4. “I don’t want the federal government having a marriage police.”
6. topic of debate in a close senate vote on March 1 in the US
7. Writers’ Festival author who writes in lines
8. “I’m not a natural leader. I’m too intellectual; I’m too abstract; I think too much.”
9. “Satan has his sights on the United States of America.”
11. Title of novel reviewed in the Sunday, March 4 issue of The New York Times
14. First all African-American starting line up to win a national championship (1966)
16. George Clooney + Shakespearean idiom
21. Kind of disease Nick Cannon announced he has this month
23. Writers’ Festival author who makes stuff up
24. “We should double Guantanamo!”
25. collegiate basketball day of dreams is april 2
26. number of current Agnes Scott students who are finalists in this year’s Writers’ Festival

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