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Alumna in Atlanta

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In our new series, Ms. Ryan continues to keep us updated on her post-Scott life, and the opportunities that have arisen for her. To see her first installment, click here

by Meghan Ryan

Contributing Writer

Alright, so you must think I’ve either been doing absolutely nothing with my time, or I’m too busy to even write about my too-awesome life as an alumna living in the A.  On both accounts, false. One, I’ve been doing a lot. Two, I had inspiration block.

Do I share about my experience at the Winter Beer Carnival, where I still paid full price as the DD; where it was too frigid for anyone to enjoy himself or herself? Do I go off map and tell the adventures of three friends who reunited in Nashville a couple weeks ago after being apart since basically graduation? Or do I fill you in on the bores of my life: the nannying and the paralegal work? Ooo or how about attending college night at the High– post-college? Yeah, I’m a bad a**. I could tell you how I finally ate lunch at Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles after pledging to go there for 4 plus years (and, maaan, was it good southern cookin’). I could dish on the random men I’ve met at Trackside. O yes, my one-of-a-kind-Trackside-keepers (not). Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make “not” happen again, but “fetch” is still on the table. And y’all, I’m one of those who rejoiced on Oscar night and thought, “It’s about time Meryl Streep fetched that third Oscar!”

But I’ve figured it out. I’d like to tell you the story returning to student-hood right about the time you all are pulling your hair out over midterms. In January, I got news that I am accepted into the 2012 Teach for America Corps! Thus my namesake as Alumna in Atlanta will transition to Alumna in DC come June, but for now I’m still here, prepping to teach the youth of our great nation. As a first year at dear ol’Agnes, I, like many other Frankie First Years, believed the science center was to be my home and Med. School would call my name post graduation. Alas, spring of sophomore year brought with it a major game changer, and I declared the major (and great love affair) of art history. I never looked back to my previous bio major, let alone did I imagine I’d be asked to teach the subject to high-schoolers post college! But TFA has placed me into teaching secondary biology in the DC Metro area. So eight months after my last exam week, I’ve hit the books once again.  I appropriated the bio textbook from a friend’s collection, had my dad send me my notes from first year, and purchased a Praxis Study Guide. Let the all-nighters commence, once again… The test is Saturday. I’ll let you know how it (and the all-nighter) goes.

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