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La vie étudiante in a city made for students

Rennes is the capital of Bretagne in France and has been my home for the past five months. Complete with its share of charming half-timbered houses from the middle ages, carefully manicured parks, sidewalks speckled with dog-dropping landmines, the aromas of boulangeries and crêperies, open air markets, and enough bars in the city for every staff and faculty member at Agnes to own at least two, Rennes is the perfect city to spend a year abroad. More importantly, with around 60,000 students at its different universities, Rennes has something for everyone as far as student life goes.

Ever since arriving in France last September, I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotion related to my study abroad experience. Doubting the decision to stay for two semesters (shout out to my Scottie ladies – sorry you haven’t met me yet 2015), I often got on Skype with my parents with tears that welled from the back of my eyes and eventually became the snot-nosey sobbing that makes me nostalgic for my moody Dashboard Confessional years.

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Oh yeah, there’s a “study” in study abroad, or getting off intellectual autopilot

by Anna Cabe  Online Content Editor  I am a Type-A overachieving nerd. There, I said it. In general, I like school. I like school a lot. Hell, I’m even seriously considering getting a Ph.D. in English and becoming a full-time professional student to (sort of) support my pretentious creative writing habit. There is little better to […]

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Facebook to become VIP Verified

On Feb. 16, Facebook released and began its plan to allow verified accounts.

Verified accounts were introduced in 2009 by Twitter to indicate when a real live celebrity was using the site. Facebook has obviously taken note of this and decided to follow suit with their own verified account process. On Feb.16 Facebook began inviting high profile celebrities to verify their accounts so you know it’s really them.

Facebook was originally built on the policy of using real people and real names but after today they’ll be verified as real and you’ll be able to use a nickname. There’s no way to volunteer yourself to be verified of course, you have to be chosen by Facebook, through your glamorous celebrity and abundant riches, and then present some form of government identification.

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A Decatur dynasty: Leon’s Full Service and the Brick Store Pub

Take a stroll in downtown Decatur and you will have no shortage of options for food. Whether you want a burrito, a sushi roll or a stiff drink, there is something that will get you a fix. But not all of them have an intrinsic tie to the land beneath them, in more ways than one.

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