Look: ASC Street Style, Phoebe Perry ’13

by Gala Cude

The Style Rundown on Phoebe Clare Perry

Q: What’s your favorite accessory?

A: My flip-phone

Q: What do you consider the worst fashion offense?

A: Whatever you wore yesterday.

Q: From what decade do you draw the most fashion inspiration?

A: The1990’s. And my messy bun often refers to the late 1880’s.

Q: What is your favorite place to shop locally?

A: The store Urban Outlet. In Underground Atlanta.

Q: Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from mainly?

A: I copy what other people do.  Most often people whose closets I have access to.

Q: How would you describe your style sensibility?

A: Every two weeks, after not doing laundry, my fashion gets great.

Q: What color do you wear the most of?

A: Blues. Teal, Sapphire, and Jasmine


Q: Where did you get that necklace?

A: (A store called) the Black Market in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It kind of resembles Rag-O-Rama in Little Six (sic Five) Points.

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