Rampage for Missoni’s Target Collection

by Georgia Bell
Staff Writer

The Italian fashion brand Missoni has launched a fall trend collection at Target, available from Sept. 13 to Oct. 22. The collection, which includes apparel, kitchen supplies, home décor, luggage, and more, features Missoni’s distinctively colorful patterns (particularly zig-zags). When it was first introduced on Target.com, the number of consumer purchases was so high that the site crashed. Due to this immense popularity, much of the merchandise on the website and in stores is still out of stock.  Enterprising individuals have taken advantage of the craze and are peddling newly acquired purchases on sites like eBay at prices many times the original retail.

“My Target experience was a challenge,” Suzy Stuckey ’13 said. “As I was ordering my clothes online, they sold out while I was filling out the payment form. Not to mention it was almost impossible to log onto the site. The next day, a friend took me to the store to try and find what I wanted. We got there around 8 a.m., and everything was already completely sold out. It’s like as soon as they get shipments in, they’re sold out.”

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