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Review: Commentary from the Peanuts Gallery

Kelsey Morgan Staff Writer Nostalgia films are a tricky thing. Few movies based on prior, more famous works can hit that sweet spot of appeasing the fans and appealing to a new audience. Few even try, most just going for a cash grab. Franchises like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Garfield have almost been tanked […]

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Review: A Bit of a Bond

Lily Bailey Staff Writer James Bond represents a classic masculine figure, from his classic clandestine world saving ability, to his rampant womanizing that is idolized by male fans around the globe. The newest bond film Spectre (2015, Dir. Sam Mendes), lives up to the Bond tradition, but also begins to distance Bond from his stereotypical […]

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Review: Noticeable Change in Diversity Politics at New York Comic Con

Lily Bailey Staff Writer New York Comic Con, on its least busy day, is a sight to behold. People moving together in waves in an attempt to hurry to the next panel, the next screening, the next booth in artist’s alley. Despite my introverted nature and, looking past the stress of thousands of people, New […]

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Rush the Quad: An Initiation of Sorts

Marianne Danneman Staff Writer For every group, there is an event that initiates the new members and welcomes them, makes them feel like they belong. For me, that event at Agnes Scott was Rush the Quad. It is the kind of event mentioned during campus tours to impress prospective students: the bell tolling at midnight […]

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8 Spooky Films to Watch This Halloween

With Halloween only a few days away, every one is basking in October’s spooky spirit. This year, our Entertainment Team was very excited to craft together an Agnes-worthy Halloween movie marathon for you! Check out our list of eight staff-picked films and reviews, spanning from the 1960s to the present: #1: Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Ellaree Yeagley […]

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2015 Black Cat Formal Entertains Scotties of All Years

Sierra Williams Opinions Editor Black Cat Formal is the bow that ties up the gift to the hundred-year-old tradition of Black Cat Week. While some students regard the dance as an end to a wild and busy week, this year’s formal kept the momentum going, thanks to Agnes Scott’s Programming Board (ProBo), the dance’s organizers. […]

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